About The Cosmic Kitchen

Cosmic Kitchen Dining AreaCosmic Kitchen® is independently owned and operated by Sean Hogan and Michelle Wilson with the help of their friendly staff since May of 2003.

Everyday we make fresh salsas, grill our marinated chicken and steak and offer a homemade soup and daily specials. Our beans, rice, sauces and most soups are vegetarian. We use peanut and canola oil.

The paper plates and napkins used at Cosmic Kitchen® are made from sugar cane and are compostible. We recycle our plastic, papers, bottles and cans.

Regulars at Cosmic Kitchen are greeted by name, their order already anticipated by the cook, and served with a smile. Special requests donít upset us (usually!), and just might become the Daily Special. What you like to eat is the way we like it too!

Our manager, Leah Tufares, who's been with us since we opened in '03, has a sandwich named after her, "Tikka Leah," and is served with fries or a cup of homemade soup. We now offer Dinner Specials with three courses for only $12.95, served from 4-6 p.m., including Greek, Mexican, and Cosmic Specials. If you are a late riser, we serve breakfast 'till 3 p.m. Have you had our Eggs Bene yet? ...

Surfing the net while enjoying Cosmic cuisine is a regular pastime. Request your favorite satellite radio channel, order a beverage of choice (espresso, beer, wine, smoothie ...) and settle in!
Itís all Cosmic! ... The Cosmic Crew,

Ė Michelle, Sean, Leah, Debbie and crew.

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Cosmic Kitchen, Homer, Alaska

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